Like many women, I used to spend my exercise time on the treadmill or cross trainer, watching the calories supposedly rack up on the screen in front of me, do some crunches, and then wonder why I didn’t have a six pack.


When I was pregnant with my first child I started to research how I could finally get the ripped look I aspired to, and discovered that lifting weights would be my friend. In the beginning I relied on information on well known weight lifting sites, and “bro science” heavy personal trainers. As I started to become more knowledgeable I realised how much misinformation exists in the fitness mainstream, and followed a natural progression to becoming a personal trainer myself, opting to do my bit to redress the balance.

I don’t yell at clients or punish them. I believe in applying proven scientific methods to help each individual work towards his or her goal. I am body positive and believe that self improvement can only come from a place of self acceptance and sustainable habits. I guide clients with nutrition but encourage them to take a strongly intuitive attitude to it.

These days I’m a competitive powerlifter and strength is my passion and my vocation. I believe that so much body confidence and self esteem can come from working to become strong.


I train clients in my private studio in Rossett near to both Chester and Wrexham.