Personal training

I can train you in my private studio in Rossett, in a gym or in your home or outside space. I work with a range of clients, from new mums to athletes, helping them to achieve their goals with evidence based training methods. We do lots of functional training, Olympic lifting, calisthenics (bodyweight training) and speed and power work.

Online training

I create exercise plans for clients to do at home, based on the time and equipment they have available. My signature ‘kitchen cardio’ is a selection of full body, high intensity, no equipment workouts that can be done on a tight schedule and even with children in the vicinity (mine like to join in!).

‘Make friends with food’ coaching

Suffering with diet fatigue? Tired of fighting with yourself, and with society’s expectations of you? I believe that all positive change comes from a place of self acceptance, and I want to help. Read my blog or drop me a line.